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Custom Web Site Design

Custom Web Site Design We specialize in custom web site design. There are several elements that make up an attractive, functional and friendly design. We've listed below what we think is important about each of these areas of design and why we create sites with these elements in mind.


We create custom web sites that reflect a professional quality, not one stamped out of a cookie cutter. We know that your site needs to immediately and clearly represent your business, your products, your services and anything else that you offer your customers. Doing that with flare, creativity and professionalism tells your clients that you're serious about providing them the best customer service possible on the web. Visit our portfolio and see for yourself how diverse we can be.


No matter how catchy and cool your site looks, if your customers can't find what they're looking for, they will go elsewhere. Our easy-to-navigate designs make it simple for your customers to get the info they need or buy the products they want and keep coming back.


There's many ways that a web site can be friendly. It could be providing current news and events about your business, or featuring new products and services. It can mean offering email newsletters, specials or an easy way for customers to send comments or questions to you. It could also mean providing articles, links, resources or even a full-featured online store to clients. Providing and displaying important and relative content to your customers not only keeps them checking back with you about the latest news or products, but it lets them know that you're interested in them and what they need.

Our dynamic or content management sites are the perfect way to offer up-to-date information to your clients. We'll create a site for you that lets you easily change or update events, calendars, products, services, news items, articles or any other type of content you can think of.

What We Can Create

In case you're wondering about specifics, here's some of the few things we can create for your web site in terms of design:

The Look

We'll create a custom masthead for your site and incorporate your existing logo into a web design that matches your printed material. We'll also design the rest of your site with the "feel" that you want. Whether it's a straight-forward, all business look or a wild and creative presence you want, we'll create something that represents you.

Images & Graphics

Photos can be a great way to lend a personal touch to your site as well as offer important information about products, services or personnel. We can help you format images that you'll want to use or even find stock photos that relate to your business. Graphical elements cannot only add that special flare to your site, but often offer important information about how to navigate through your site. We'll create custom graphical elements that highlight important links or information that keep your visitors clicking through your site. We are also happy to incorporate graphics from your graphic designer into your site.
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