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Website Case Studies: Paradigm Multimedia


Meet Paradigm Multimedia.
Initially, the Eugene company provided custom LCD solutions to the PRO A/V and RV markets. After a marketing study showed that hospitals are migrating to LCD technology, a new niche was born: in-room entertainment that interfaces to existing hospital technology.

A Dive In Designs client for 5 years, Paradigm Multimedia President Reinhold Baron approached us to re-design the site with this new marketing focus in mind. Paradigm's website now demonstrates that they are now primarily a health-care LCDTV provider, rather than this niche appearing as an "afterthought."

Smart Stuff Paradigm Does
Paradigm decided on a focus, terms people are searching for and approached Dive In Designs to update the site.

The home page was completely re-vamped to give a "hospital feel" (new photos of hospital staff, hospital technology). New pages inside the site were added with hospital LCDTV as the focus: LCDTV products, applications, benefits and solutions. The focus of the site is immediately clear when you visit.

Due to stringent health-care requirements, the site includes schematics and details on the technology. Visitors can easily determine if the LCD fits with their hospital setup.Baron and staff can easily add new features, photos, text and PDF downloads to the site as the company upgrades and changes models.

And the Result is:
Paradigm comes up "number 1" in Google and other major search engines for "hospital LCDTV" or "healthcare LCDTV."

We inserted Google Analytics tracking codes on all pages to make it easy for Reinhold to see which pages are visited and for what duration. After a press release was sent, visits to the site understandably spiked.

Complete list of features
  • View larger links so that details can clearly be seen.
  • Site manager access to text and product names for 'searchability'
  • Download area for PDFs so that visitors can read product matrix information. New PDFs can be added by Paradigm at any time.
  • Dynamic drop-down menus so other products can be accessed easily
  • Contact Us form
What They Say About the Project
"You guys(gals) are awesome! You go above and beyond what I expect of you every time I make an inquiry. Now that you have taught me how to modify my website, I have become more independent and less phobic about adding or deleting information from my site. "
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