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Content Management Website (CMS)

Content Management Website (CMS)

What is a content management web site?

A content management web site (sometimes called a dynamic web site or database-driven web site) allows you to display content on your site that is pulled from a database of information. The content is formatted within your page layout so it looks like any other regular page on your site. It's perfect for things like newsletters, calendars, events, product specials or anything you want to change periodically. The best part is, you can update the database yourself with our easy to use browser-based Site Manager. Read on for details...

Benefits of a Content Management Web Site

A big benefit to having a content management site is that it helps you build your online community. Creating an online community adds a sense of belonging to a web site and it makes visitors feel attended to. Because the content can be richer, current and ever-changing, it encourages your visitors to come back again and again. A content management site lets you...

  • Manage the content yourself (see Site Manager section below).
  • Keep your site fresh by updating your pages monthly, weekly or even daily.
  • Highlight new services, product specials or up-coming events.

Uses of a Content Management Web Site

Our content management program can be used to manage any information that you'll want to change or edit periodically. We can set it up so you can easily manage just about anything. You can use graphics or images and we'll format it just how you want it. Here's some of the endless possibilities...

  • Update newsletters, calendars or articles
  • Upload press releases, bulletins or news events
  • Keep staff lists (or any other list) current
  • Highlight new products or services anywhere on your site
  • Put a "What's New" section on the home page and update it any time
  • Create a rotating gallery of images or a "tip of the week" to spot light something special
  • Add visitor comments easily to a testimonials page
  • Add questions to your FAQ section on your site

Do-It-Yourself Site Manager

Keeping your content fresh and up-to-date is a snap with our browser-based Site Manager. Here's how it works...

  • We'll give you a password-protected page to access your Site Manager in your browser.
  • Add, change, delete or even hide any managed content.
  • Change out product or gallery images
  • Upload entire files (like newsletters) to post on your site.
  • Check your changes. Your site is updated instantly!
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