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..."Site Manager is a great tool that is easy to use and allows us to make sure our site is always up to date...."

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Update Services and Pricing

Update Services and Pricing Update your site quickly using features such as Fast Add, Categorize Products and Edit in List. These features put the information you need to change on one page, so you can make the changes and save without having to clicking through page after page of management screens.

Unlimited Categories/Multi-level categories
You can easily add, remove, hide or rearrange categories. You can place your products or informational pages in multiple categories. You can use categories to highlight seasonal specials or special offers.

Featured, New and On Sale Items
Highlight products on your site by marking them as Featured, New, What's Hot, On Sale, etc. Have them randomly rotate anywhere on the site or control which are shown at any given time.

Option Pricing
Sell your products in various configurations or with various options, such as size and color choices. Each option can have it's own price, picture, weight, inventory and more. Create any kind of options - color or style swatches, mandatory add-on or one-time set up charge options, package options.

Shared Attributes
If many of your products come with the same attributes, such as certain color choices or add-on features, you can setup the options one time then use them on multiple products. Instead of building attributes individually per product, you can create one template of attributes to assign quickly to multiple products. Changes can be made to the single attribute template, all products using it the template will be instantly updated.

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