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Why Take The Plunge?

OK, this is the page where we tell you our deep-down-nitty-gritty philosophy about web sites. The following paragraphs describe why we think it's important to take the plunge and let us help you create a valuable and meaningful web site for your customers that meets their needs.

Impress the Judges

Impress the Judges Your customers are the toughest judges of how well you do in your business. Having a professional, fully-functional and friendly web site is one way to show them that they are important. Because a customer's experience of your web site is a personal, one-on-one experience of your business every time, knowing what you want to show your customers is also important. When a customer walks in the door of your business, what do you want to offer them?
  • A big smile?
  • A personal tour of your business?
  • A full selection of quality products?
  • A reason to buy?
  • A name they will remember?
  • A feeling of confidence in your service and staff?
All the above, right? So the trick is to accomplish all that when someone comes to your web site. You have to make a connection with them and give them all the goodies you'd give to a customer who walks in off the street. So, show off for the judges!

Perfect Your Form

Perfect Your Form Just like a great dive takes practice, really getting to know your customers takes time, sometimes research.

Know who your customers are. All of them. For example, if you sell swimming caps, your audience could include swimmers, coaches, swim suit shops or even school physical education departments. Once you have a list, dig a little deeper. For example, your swimmers category could include; professional swimmers who need high tech, sleek caps; recreational swimmers who aren't concerned with sleekness, but are concerned with cost; or even synchronized swimmers who need 35 caps, all with pink and blue sparkles.

Do a Half-Gainer Not a Belly-Flop

Do a Half-Gainer Not a Belly-Flop Jumping off the springboard is not enough. You gotta do your best dive! Just like your printed marketing strategy, your web site should give your customers a specific reason why you're special, different, more unique, cheaper, higher quality or whatever and how that uniqueness benefits them. What result will they see or get when they choose you?

Dive In!

Dive In! If you already have your audience defined and a marketing strategy in place, then you're ahead of the game. If not, we've got some simple tools to help you define your customers' needs and communicate how you can meet those needs on your web site. So, dive in! We can help you create a meaningful and creative web experience for your customers.


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