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Dive In Designs Website Designers Eugene Oregon

"Dive In Designs has been terrific to work with! They offer a high level of professionalism and expertise as well as a personal touch..."

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Marketing & Sales Features

Product or Service Sales Packages

Product or Service Sales Packages Create custom packages in order to give your visitors discounts for ordering multiple items.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews Customers can easily send you reviews for your products and services. The review text is automatically added to your site manager: you read it and, with the click of a button, publish it on your site.

Cross-Sell Products

Cross-Sell Products Offer upsale or cross-sell items. It's easy to set up groups of related items using our site manager. Visitors will see "Use with..." or "You might also like..." followed by items that you have grouped together (with photos, of course).

Social Media Sharing

Social Media Sharing Putting this little button on your website lets visitors share your content easily and quickly through up to 50 social networking websites. You can later check statistics such as "How many people shared my website?" by logging in to your Free AddThis account that we set up for you. It's a powerful tool that allows your customers (a powerful group of marketers!) help sell your products and services.

Tell a Friend

Tell a Friend Allow customers to market your website for you! Visitors can click on 'tell-a-friend' on any page of your site. Friends receive a link to your site with an optional message from their friend and, also optionally, a message from you. Attract visitors to your site by making special offers through the tell-a-friend feature.


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